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Q.What is a Personal Concierge?
A. A personal assistant ; a trusted support person who can complete tasks such as grocery shopping, errands, party planning, project management, secretarial services, travel arrangements and offering any other services that might improve the quality of life.  

Q.  What is Work-Life Balance?
A.   Work-Life Balance is a broad concept that includes prioritizing activities between career and home-life.   Many corporations value the well-being of their employees and are implementing work-life balance programs into the workplace.  Help is Here offers Work-Life Balance solutions to such corporations as well as individuals

Q.  I’m a busy executive and a single mother raising two children.   It is difficult to manage my career and still be available for transporting my children to their activities, preparing meals, and helping with homework.  Is there anything that Help is Here can do to help make things easier for me and my family?
A.  Absolutely!  We can support you with prepared meal planning and delivery, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation, pick up and delivery of dry cleaning, personal shopping, light home repair, coordinating appointments, yard cleaning, and even personal budgeting.

 Q.  I have pets that are in need of a sitter while I am away.  One of them requires special medication that is given orally.  Does Help is Here provide pet sitting and are your concierges experienced in administering oral medication to pets?
A.  Many of our concierges are experienced in this area and can, feed them, administer medications, walk and play with them, and scoop poop while you are away.

Q.  My husband and I travel three months out of the year and have concerns about leaving our home and outdoor plants unattended for such a lengthy period of time.  It would be nice if someone could check on our home a couple of times per week and water our plants.  Does your company provide while-you-are-away services? 
A.  Yes. Many of our concierges have extensive experience and maintain long-time professional relationships with clients in need of house sitting.  Additionally, we can coordinate appropriate services such as pool cleaning, landscaping, and housekeeping so that your home is ready to receive you upon your return.

 Q.  I am a senior who no longer drives and am in need of someone to transport me to do errands a couple of times per week.  Does your company offer errand services for seniors?
A.  Yes, our concierges are available to transport seniors to and from doctor’s appointments, and to purchase groceries or personal items.  If there are times that you do not feel up to leaving your home to do errands, we can shop for you, pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning and laundry, and can coordinate many appointments and services.

Q. I am planning a Vacation can Help is Here make those arrangements for me?
A. Certainly! We can make all types of travel arrangements for you! Airline tickets, Hotels, Cars, Cruises, as well as activities while you are there!

Q. I own a small business. I need assistance with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. Do you offer any services in that area?
A. Yes, We can provide complete accounting services for your company big or small!

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